2018 The Way I See It…

Up, down, left or right, 2018 is going to be a year of growth and learning; use it wisely.


I know, I know, we are only a week in, but 2018 is already shaping up as an interesting year.

2017 was a down year, most companies spent the year “right sizing”. I see 2018 being a flat year. This is the year companies need to get efficient, that’s what we’re doing here at EPM.

We are taking the time to make our services more robust; we are making the process of connecting with our customers and potential customers easier.  We are working with all departments to continue education and reiterating that all departments are an extension of our sales team. There is the potential for a huge refinance boom and it’s key that all hands are on deck to assist customers who will look to us as their mortgage solution.

A flat year, is not a bad thing. There is always the opportunity to grow, regardless of the predictions. Look at where you are and how you can continue to develop the passion you have for your industry. Support your support staff, revamp your tech system, be detailed and don’t skip the small stuff; it all adds up.

As we move into second quarter, we will be looking to our analytics to confirm that our efforts are working and what needs tweaking.

Up, down, left or right, 2018 is going to be a year of growth and learning; use it wisely.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage

The Biggest Business Takeaway From 2017

Being engaged has allowed us to focus on what’s important.

The year is coming to an end; we love new beginnings here at EPM.

I was recently asked what is my biggest business takeaway from 2017? I answered with one word, Engage.

You can re-engage, get engaged or just remain engaged, but this year was a down year, we saw a 30-40% drop in the market overall and had we not been engaged, it could have been worse.

The year wasn’t all bad, we saw growth, but challenges can be masked by volume. We hunkered down and engaged our sales, closing, underwriting and referral partners.

We have had conversations with our sales team and used their information as a gage on how to grow our customer base. They needed support and lead generation, we hired a Lead Generation Specialist, she is doing a great job moving us forward. Our conversations with our closers and underwriters led us to re-examine our processes and become quicker and more efficient. We have engaged our customers on our social platforms and are listening for social cues. We are launching new products to connect with potential borrowers.

We are re-thinking what we may have forgotten and trusting what we know about fluctuating rates and the mortgage industry.

Being engaged has allowed us to focus on what’s important.

Hopefully engaging will push you and your business into the New Year with all the momentum that you need to get to your next set of goals.

Salud and Happy Holiday’s Friends!


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage


The One Question I Get Asked All The time…

the one question

There is also a clear understanding that what is asked of them, is what I ask of myself.

Last week we talked about the one question that I’m never asked.

This week, I want to talk about the question I’m asked the most.

Be advised the following may seem simple, however when asked this question, it occurs to me how the little things play a large part in how we see ourselves and are perceived by others.

Ok, the question…

Why are you dressed so nicely today?

In fairness, I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy, but enjoy this question because it means that the time taken to coordinate the shirt, jacket and pants was worth it (I typically don’t wear a tie). We work closely here, so when the team notices the presentation, they are aware that a front facing company experience is about to occur.

There is also a clear understanding that what is asked of them is what I ask of myself.

Your style can set the tone. Over these last ten years we have worked hard to make sure that we are more than just a place to buy a home, but are mortgage loan professionals who are knowledgeable and a great resource for our customer’s mortgage needs.

Our appearance is a testament to where we’re going and who we will and want to be; more importantly, this question means that through our appearance people are paying attention. My Suits are an extension of how I see our company growing and the respect that we have for our team, clients and business partners.

Think about how often what you are wearing has impacted how you feel going into a meeting, or interview. You must be ready for anything and your appearance is often the indicator of what you’re prepared to receive.

For such a simple question, the answer is important and impactful and every time I hear it, I  know that we are headed in the right direction.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage

What The Holiday’s Can Mean For Your Business

In our business, these changes give us a larger window to use the holidays as an opportunity…


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It’s November, which normally takes me walking into a prematurely constructed Christmas display in the mall for that to sink in, but this is also my cue to think about the holiday season in a real way. Decorations mean it’s time to send Holiday cards and set up the office party; it can mean so much more…

What happens in your business around this time of year may vary; for us we continue projecting and planning for the coming year. Sure, we start ordering cards to show gratitude and appreciation to our borrowers, vendors and lending partners, but we also start a deep dive in to market trends.

This year we saw a shift in the housing market and how buyers are thinking. Purchase season is no longer in the summer months, because builders are still building well into the winter months. Inventory is at a premium and when a home goes on the market, it doesn’t stay long. This time of year, people aren’t traveling, with the shift, they are leaving further out into first and second quarter.

In our business, these changes give us a larger window to use the holidays as an opportunity…

We catch up on old business relationships and look to the holidays as a time to forgive and be forgiven. There is a lot that has happened in the year and plenty has been said, so use this time to address past transgressions; take advantage of the good moods and free liquor.

We also look to say, “Thank You” to the people who have helped us get where we are and goodbye to some, so that they may use this time to look for opportunities in the new year.

Whatever your business, the holidays can be a great time to restructure and rejoice, use them wisely.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage