The Biggest Business Takeaway From 2017

Being engaged has allowed us to focus on what’s important.

The year is coming to an end; we love new beginnings here at EPM.

I was recently asked what is my biggest business takeaway from 2017? I answered with one word, Engage.

You can re-engage, get engaged or just remain engaged, but this year was a down year, we saw a 30-40% drop in the market overall and had we not been engaged, it could have been worse.

The year wasn’t all bad, we saw growth, but challenges can be masked by volume. We hunkered down and engaged our sales, closing, underwriting and referral partners.

We have had conversations with our sales team and used their information as a gage on how to grow our customer base. They needed support and lead generation, we hired a Lead Generation Specialist, she is doing a great job moving us forward. Our conversations with our closers and underwriters led us to re-examine our processes and become quicker and more efficient. We have engaged our customers on our social platforms and are listening for social cues. We are launching new products to connect with potential borrowers.

We are re-thinking what we may have forgotten and trusting what we know about fluctuating rates and the mortgage industry.

Being engaged has allowed us to focus on what’s important.

Hopefully engaging will push you and your business into the New Year with all the momentum that you need to get to your next set of goals.

Salud and Happy Holiday’s Friends!


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage


10 Years In: What I Know Now

The truth, I could write a few books on what we knew and what we know now, let’s start at the beginning.

About ten years ago there was a crash, you may have heard about it. The bottom fell out of the housing market and if you took the smart bet, you got as far away from real estate as you could. Lucky for us, we were stupid, naive enough to take the leap into the mortgage banking industry.

A little nativity is the secret to success…

Knowing all the dangers and being over prepared can keep you from taking the leap; people were sending me articles and pulling me aside to talk me out of the best decision of my life; starting Equity Prime.

We have grown to be respected and seen as a leader in our field, because we knew that what we were building was worth the ups and downs that came with the ride. We knew the value of human capital and made choices to hire people who were a good fit over people who may have been better qualified.

We grew our sales when the market was down, over 400%. Sales leaders like Steve Tiscione and Jason Callan, were instrumental. Kimberly Vaughn and her underwriting team are invaluable. Our COO, David Abrahamson and VP of our Buckhead office Nick Tantanella have been here since our early inception.

We took the risks together.

The ride included those who had their own personal agendas and were not in it for the right reasons, which opened the door for others to reach the next level. We branded and re-branded and continue to brand. All in all we are a company built on the understanding that there is nothing beyond our reach.

I’m not going to give it all away, there is more to come, as we approach 2018, we will expand on this topic at length. For now, let your gut be your guide.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage