The One Question I Get Asked All The time…

the one question

There is also a clear understanding that what is asked of them, is what I ask of myself.

Last week we talked about the one question that I’m never asked.

This week, I want to talk about the question I’m asked the most.

Be advised the following may seem simple, however when asked this question, it occurs to me how the little things play a large part in how we see ourselves and are perceived by others.

Ok, the question…

Why are you dressed so nicely today?

In fairness, I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy, but enjoy this question because it means that the time taken to coordinate the shirt, jacket and pants was worth it (I typically don’t wear a tie). We work closely here, so when the team notices the presentation, they are aware that a front facing company experience is about to occur.

There is also a clear understanding that what is asked of them is what I ask of myself.

Your style can set the tone. Over these last ten years we have worked hard to make sure that we are more than just a place to buy a home, but are mortgage loan professionals who are knowledgeable and a great resource for our customer’s mortgage needs.

Our appearance is a testament to where we’re going and who we will and want to be; more importantly, this question means that through our appearance people are paying attention. My Suits are an extension of how I see our company growing and the respect that we have for our team, clients and business partners.

Think about how often what you are wearing has impacted how you feel going into a meeting, or interview. You must be ready for anything and your appearance is often the indicator of what you’re prepared to receive.

For such a simple question, the answer is important and impactful and every time I hear it, I  know that we are headed in the right direction.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage

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