4 Things That Will Get You Back In The Black, Or Keep You There…

Sell your business and get out now, if mediocrity speaks to you.

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Happy day after Thanksgiving!

We hope you all had a great time with your family and friends. We here at EPM took the day to eat, drink, be merry and thankful for how far we’ve come. As the year ends, I thought today was good as any to talk about getting back in the black (or staying there).

It’s Black Friday. Today is the day retailers look forward to most of the year, they get to spend the next 30-45 days, or more, raking in the dough. Budgets are met and made up for, while the New Year gets a great kick into gear.

There are four key things that need to happen in your business at this time. We touched on it briefly in my last post, but today I’ll expand.

You need an action plan of embracement not just x’s and o’s.


  1. Sales, sales, sales. Your entire company is an extension of your sales team, period. If you don’t get this then you have a different problem. If you get this, then you know that your team needs to be trained in the art of customer service. Everyone should know they are the “face” of the company. Each opportunity to interact with a customer is a chance to extend the brand and sale your services. We thrive on sales and act accordingly.


  1. Support. The best sales teams are the ones that have the education and training to stay the best. From Underwriting to Marketing, we train. In the mortgage business MLO’s are required to be licensed, we don’t stop there and neither should you. Here at EPM we make sure that everyone can be the best regardless of title. There are seminars, collaboratives, and the freedom to explore options that may not fall under the traditional education model. There are some companies, that rarely need to look outside to fill key positions, because those in house are up to the challenge. They grow because they can continue to bring in smart, trainable people who are up to the task.


  1. Growth. If you’re not growing, why are you in business? Your goal may not be to become the next Bill Gates, it doesn’t have to be, but to settle for middle ground? No way. Sell your business and get out now, if mediocrity speaks to you. After supporting, training, and taking care of the “Big Four” (Clients, Consumers, Vendors and Employees) recruiting is the logical next step. A growth environment where people can help themselves allows your company to shine. Don’t just meet growth projections, beat them, give your customers and the competition something to think about.


  1. Explain The Why. The WHY is everything. Many people in upper management don’t get this, and their turnover rates tell the story. If no one gets why we have a financing minimum, customers who don’t meet the criteria, tell customers who do, that we didn’t help them. If processors don’t understand why we do such a deep dive into credit etc., then borrowers are denied. I could go on, but explaining the why has greater consequences than angry customers. If your team doesn’t get The Why, your company is being underserved and your employee’s skills under-utilized. The Why, makes people think beyond what is in front of them. The Why encourages greatness. You’re not too good to explain it and if it’s too complicated, adjust it and make sure everyone can understand. The Why is what matters most.



As we move into 2018, there are some uncertainties, but what should never be uncertain is how to get your company in pace to the top and in the black.


Eddy Perez Jr., CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage

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