What To Do When Everything Is “OK”

“Be fearful when others are greedy; be greedy when others are fearful.”

-Warren Buffett

Everything is fine, nothing is blowing up, fires are out and you actually got to finish your cup of coffee. Now what?

Honestly, this is the time where “I’m most fearful.”  You shouldn’t live your life in a panic, you should, however, be looking for the next move and listening to your market for the next trend/transition. In theory, we work to make things calm, we want our businesses to run efficiently, we never want them to run effortlessly.

Complacency is what happens when you get comfortable, comfortable happens when everything is “OK”. What is ok exactly? If your LO’s or Sales team are OK, you may want to rethink some things, should your CIO be just OK? Ours isn’t, he’s on top of the market at all times.

We like to take this time to see what opportunities are ahead of us, are there some extra hours that can be put in now, to give us an edge when all hell breaks loose?  When the calm is happening look for space to self-evaluate, have you taken all the leadership training classes you could? Is there a management seminar that you’ve been wanting to get to?

Warren Buffett has a quote that occurs to me often “Be fearful when others are greedy; be greedy when others are fearful.” It may sound harsh, but before the crash when people were getting real estate advice from the paperboy, Buffett was paying attention to the calm. He saw the crash coming and grabbed stock in GE and Goldman Sachs, he knew they would pay off when the smoke cleared.

We knew starting a company in the middle of a crash was the sweet spot; we steadied ourselves and rode the storm into the calm. Things will slow down fast, people will forget what they were doing and relax the passion. We use times like this to reconstruct, look at our time management and steady ourselves before the storm comes back around.

As you’re moving through your day to day, let everything be ok, but trade in your vacation tickets for a training session and keep the rate sheet within arms reach.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage

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  1. A very well written post. Complacency comes in many forms. Finding a steady pace at work, balancing health, family, religion, community etc…. is extremely important. I myself, wish I could perfect that. I enjoyed your perspective.

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