Top 5: Business Values That Will Serve You In Life.

You should enjoy the journey

and the people on the journey with you.

Honestly, not a fan of listicles. However, lists do help us and a million other people stay organized.

1 Listening.

Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised. Making sure you’re listening for the pain, or the ask behind the words on the surface is a skillset not many people possess. How many times have you been in your own thoughts, or thinking past the person in front of you? Happens all the time. The ability to actually stop and listen, making sure you hear what people really want is something we could all do a little more and would all be the better for doing.

2 Candor/Truthfulness.

Telling someone to kiss off is not candor. Frankly, it’s a little rude. Explaining to someone why they cannot have their dream home, because of their credit and lack of income, is truth. When you tell it like it is and say the hard words out loud, people trust that you see them. They believe that you wanted to help, or at least tried. In your candor is truth and the value there is priceless.


3 Find a Mentor/ Be a Mentor

It’s that simple people. When someone takes an interest in you and you take an interest in them, that’s how the magic happens. Mentors have been there and done that, they are there to challenge you and make you think it through. Ask for recommendations and look for those that have done what you want to do and are killing it. When you’re where you want to be, turn around and help the person behind you, repeat…


4 Unity.

Like mindedness is over-rated. There I said it. Unity isn’t about like minds, it’s about people who share your purpose and objectives. How they get there is always going to be different. Being of like mind means the likelihood of similar thought on many subjects, which can leave little room for expansion on ideas and limit creativity. We here at EPM come from all walks of life and viewpoints for that matter. Our unity comes from the shared goal to help our clients, that looks different every day, and we like it that way. If there aren’t any people around you who think different from you, you may be more comfortable than you should be.

5 FUN.

YES, Fun is a value… You should enjoy the journey and the people on the journey with you. We work hard here at EPM and we play hard. We say that with pride. We hang-out with each other and share our life experiences. If you’re on the ride and can’t share a laugh or two with the people who make it happen, then these may not be your people. There should be good times and great fun had by all.

In conclusion… Work to include these values in your business and business dealings every day; they have served us well.


Eddy Perez, CMB

President, Equity Prime Mortgage



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